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  • June 28, 2020 11:39 am
  • Rajshahi

We have been sheep farmers in Bangladesh since 2017 with a foundation flock of Indian Origin Garol and Deshi Cross sheep. Both side of our families have a long and notable history of raising sheep in Bangladesh. Since before the turn of the 20th century, we have been providing breeding stock, meat lambs, and support to the sheep industry. For us, family farming means sustainable farming.

In 2017, we grew PEPID AGRO FARM into a nationally recognized pure bred sheep operation in Godagari, Rajshahi. Currently more than 3,00 sheep roam the pastureland of our farms, grazing on organic grass.

With its beautiful, sprawling fields and woodlands, we are committed to keeping our property a working part of the rural landscape, offering a bounty of products that allow us to harvest or recycle to the highest degree possible.

Food, Fiber and Farm Products to Feel Good About

Through much hard work, we are recognized as prestigious breeders of pure bred sheep both locally and nationally. We work in various capacities for the welfare of the local and national entrepreneurs of the country. We are also very active in furthering the development of sustainable farming practices in Bangladesh. As our farm continues to grow, the quality of our products will always be extremely important to both of us. Whether it be lamb, wool or compost, we work diligently to remain leaders in our industry. We are committed to continuing as Bangladesh’s longest operating sustainable sheep farm and providing you food, fiber and farm products to feel good about.


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Bardhomer Moar, Chabbish Nagar, Godagari Rajshahi,6290,Rajshahi

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