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  • July 1, 2021 4:59 pm
  • Basundhara, Dhaka
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Hello, Delivery is an easy to use Delivery Management Software built to drastically improve the logistics of your delivery business so that you can focus on what matters most, your customers! This Delivery Software will automate your entire delivery business and will transform all the tedious, but necessary tasks that waste time and burn through profits into a totally autonomous workflow. Your drivers will love it and your customers will love you for having it. Sign up for a free account today at


  • Category : Software, IT & Web Development


  • Delivery Management Software Feature:
  • Primary Entry Setup: -
  • a) Company Information
  • b) Employee Information
  • c) Business Type Entry
  • d) Product Category Entry
  • e) Coverage Area Entry
  • f) Notice Entry
  • g) Pickup Time Entry
  • h) Problem Entry
  • User Management: -
  • a) Merchant
  • b) Agent
  • c) Rider
  • d) Account
  • e) Manager
  • f) Call Center
  • Operation Management:-
  • a) Create Order/Order Manage
  • b) Today Pick-Up Request
  • c) Pick Up Assign/ Delivery Assign
  • d) Urgent Order
  • e) Transfer To Agent
  • f) Return To Merchant
  • g) Received Complains
  • h) Complain Submit
  • Report Management:-
  • a) Today Pick-Up
  • g) Merchant/ Agent/ Rider/Date Wise Report
  • b) Merchant/ Agent/ Rider/Status Wise Report
  • c) Merchant Wise Report
  • d) Merchant & Status Report
  • e) Rider & Status Wise Report
  • f) Pick-Up (Date Wise/Agent Wise)
  • g) Payment Processing (Date Wise/Agent Wise)
  • h) Payment Collect (Date Wise/Agent Wise/Merchant Wise)
  • i) Payment Complete (Date Wise/Merchant Wise)



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