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  • May 23, 2021 1:35 pm
  • Uttara, Dhaka
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  • Carrying comfort: Foam back – 2 pads | Foam straps | 2 Thumb loops | Chest strap
  • Easy transport: 2 zipped pockets including one with 2 compartments | 2 flask holder
  • Capacity: Volume: 20 litres | Weight: 470.2 g | Dimensions: 47 x 24 x 14 cm
  • Abrasion resistance: Component resistant to abrasion (ground and back) | Guaranteed 10 years
  • Ventilation: Simple back | Without ventilation system


  • Category : Sports Accessories


  • Number of pockets: 3 pockets
  • Rain cover: Without rain cover
  • Volume: 20 L
  • Options: With stick hook
  • Frequency: Occasional
  • Level of practice: Beginner
  • How is the volume measured?: The volume of each backpack is measured using a standard method: we fill the main compartment as well as each pocket with little balls. Then we empty these balls into a graduated container, which gives the equivalent volume in litres.
  • How to adjust your backpack?: 1 - untighten all the straps (straps, belt, load adjuster straps) 2 - put the backpack on 3 - tighten the shoulder straps 4 - adjust the load adjuster straps as needed
  • How to pack your backpack?: Place heavy equipment at the bottom. Pack your clothes around these items. Keep your waterproof jacket and/or fleece close to hand. Put small items that you will use during the day (sun cream, map, sunglasses, etc) in the pockets. The water bladder will be placed in the compartment provided along the back, and the water bottle in the outer water pockets provided for this purpose.
  • Laboratory tested: We carry out several laboratory tests to validate the bag's components: fabric, buckles, straps, foam, zips. For example, for a fabric, we test the resistance to abrasion and tearing, colour fastness when exposed to UV light and washing, and waterproofing. We also conduct tests to check the resistance of assemblies using a mannequin that reproduces the movements of a hiker to replicate several years of wear and tear on the bag.
  • Your opinion counts!: Thanks to all your feedback, we have improved the design of our NH100 20-litre backpack. In this new model, we have improved the main zip to make it easier to open. We have also added a compartment and a zipped pocket in the main pocket.
  • A score for comparing products' environmental impact: The environmental impact of the product is calculated based on its entire life cycle and using different indicators. An ABCDE score is provided to help you easily identify the most environmentally friendly products by comparing the same type of product (t-shirts, trousers, backpacks). Decathlon is committed to displaying the environmental information of its products.
  • 10-year guarantee: Our Quechua hiking backpacks are guaranteed for 10 years. Our commitment? To offer you long-lasting products that you can use on all your country hikes and walks. Because the products we love the most are those that have a story behind them and plenty of life in them yet! The warranty covers any backpack faults, except those caused by normal wear and tear and improper use.


Plot - 16 & 17 (Ground Floor), Road - 12, Sector - 06, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 1230,Uttara,Dhaka

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