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  • June 14, 2020 3:38 pm
  • Gulshan 2, Dhaka
৳ 5,000(Fixed)

Music Planet stands as the number one music school, practice pad and instruments consultancy center in Bangladesh. This multi-purpose musical center is a one stop market for every musical need of yours. If you are an aspiring band, jam in the 24 hour practice pad. If you have a thirst for knowledge, join the music classes with some of the best music faculties in Bangladesh. If you wish to prosper your future in audio engineering, indulge in the comprehensive classes with state of the art technology in both live and audio engineering. For any events, either national or international, consult Music Planet as it can help you regarding an event of orchestra to an event of a rock band.

Located in Gulshan 2, Music Planet boasts one of the most spacious musical venues. The very ambiance of the school inspires music in every nook and cranny. The interior is spacious, with ample room for practice and contemplation. The center is so musically rich that it has been the platform for grooming of many renowned musical programs. Just as you make you way round the spiral staircase and enter the school, there is a spacious central room with stairs leading to different halls. One stair leads to the beautifully designed jamming pads with various modern facilities. One stair leads to the violin classes. In this way the separate rooms for special purposes are subdivided. One stairway leads to the main office.


  • Category : Musical Services


  • 1. Guitar
  • 2. Base Guitar
  • 3. Piano
  • 4. Violin
  • 5. Keyboard
  • 6. Drums
  • 7. Vocals
  • 8. Western Dance
  • 9. Classical Dance
  • 9. DJ & RJ
  • 10. Audio Engineering


House: 25 , Appartment: B5, Road: 47 Gulshan 2 , Dhaka, Bangladesh,1213,Gulshan 2,Dhaka

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