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  • June 22, 2022 8:58 pm
  • Mirpur, Dhaka
৳ 350(Fixed)

An office interior design is designed to increase the inspiration to work in that space. And so you have to choose comfortable and healthy office furniture so you don’t get tired of spending a long time there. An office has a lot of files so we need to save a lot of space when designing the office interior design. A tidy office desk is an integral part of an office, it is essential to increase the importance of work. Color greatly impacts our lives, so we must choose colors wisely when designing an office interior design. The office interior design should be designed keeping in mind that natural light and air can enter the office.


interior design small office in Dhaka Bangladesh, cheap and best interior design by Shah DrokShan.

Our Services are: Construction, office Interior Design, Exterior Design, Landscaping, office Renovation, office works station.



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Furniture design & Development

Conference Room design

Low Height Partition

Glass partition & design work

Ceiling design

Wall cladding


Luxury hotel Interior Design.

Modern Hotel Interior Design.

Modern Duplex Hotel Interior Design.

Resort hotel Interior Design.

Hotel Space Development

Kitchen design

Furniture design & Development

Ceiling design Restaurant Plan & Space Development

Restaurant Kitchen Design

Restaurant chair & table design & Development

Consultancy & Project Management INTERIOR:

Art, idea, Design & solution

Master Plan



  • Category : Home Decoration


  • We provide all kinds of office Interior Decor services for Private properties.
  • Our Services include: -
  • 1. Modern office reception, waiting for lounge, meeting room Kitchen
  • 2. Modern Office Conference Rooms
  • 3. Modern office workstation, it and networking solution.
  • 4. Modern office False Ceiling, decorative partition.
  • Wooden Flooring
  • 6. office 2D & 3D Designing
  • 7. Interior Painting and Floor

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